Agile SEO: Transformative Strategies for Stellar Results

Agile SEO is about moving quickly, efficiently and effectively. It’s about transformative actions that will meet the demands of Google’s RankBrain, mobile-first indexing, and stand the test of time. It’s also important to have a flexible SEO process in place that is replicable, scalable, dynamic and responsive to the constant evolution of Google and project feedback loops. Agile strategies inspect and adopt, while striving for continuous improvement. The new world of SEO has evolved, yet adapting to change have not always kept pace. At the core,

Agile SEO aims to:

  • Identify the key 20% of actions that drive 80% of results
  • Adapt to the recent Google changes and position your strategy ahead of the evolving algorithm
  • Use the most recent SEO tools, techniques and strategies that will not break the bank
  • Remove the complexity of tasks and streamline projects to move the needle
  • Collect actionable data to make the case for SEO budget and support
  • Design an agile and inclusive SEO process that works for everyone
  • Eliminate project downtime, reduce cost, and effect transformational change