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Below you will find the information to assist you in your planning for this event

Digital Summit Salt Lake City
March 5-6, 2019

May 1-2, 2018
Utah Cultural Center
1355 West 3100 South
West Valley City, UT, 84119

Projected Attendance

Platinum & Gold Level Silver Level Bronze Level
One 6’ draped table with 2 chairs One 6’ draped table with 2 chairs One 6’ draped table with 2 chairs
10’ linear space (width) 8’ linear space (width) 6’ linear space (width)
Exhibit depth is 6 to 10 feet * Exhibit depth is 6 to 8 feet * Exhibit depth is 6 to 8 feet *
Complimentary WiFi Complimentary WiFi Complimentary WiFi
Lunch on Day 2 Lunch on Day 2 Lunch on Day 2
Exhibit Location: Crossroads Lobby Exhibit Location: Crossroads Lobby Exhibit Location: Crossroads Lobby

* All sponsor table locations and spacing will be confirmed during setup.

Please note:

  • To expedite your set-up, please let your Account manager know if you do not want to the 6’ table and chairs included with your exhibit space.
  • To maintain consistency for all sponsors and the audience experience, custom booth carpet is prohibited.
  • Electrical outlets, extension cords, and power strips are not included or guaranteed with your exhibit space. If electricity is needed, it is advised that you advance order these items (see Optional Services section below).
  • Wall hangings are not permitted by the venue.
  • All marketing must stay within the confines of your designated exhibit space. Marketing of any kind outside your designated exhibit space is strictly prohibited.
  • All attendees, speakers, sponsors, booth staff, etc. are required to wear & display name badges during onsite event hours.
  • The use of drones, fog machines, helium balloons and animals (other than certified service animals) are never permitted at the event. It is strongly advised to alert your Account Manager of any unique promotions & displays planned for your exhibit area.
  • Digital Summit staff will be available to assist with complimentary box storage during the event.

Setup Times:
Day 0 – Monday, April 30 | 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Day 1 – Tuesday, May 1 | 7:30 am – 11:30 am

Sponsor set-up should be complete and fully staffed by 11:30am on Day 1

  • Approximately 200 attendees will be onsite for the Pre-Conference from 8:30am to Noon.  Exhibit staffing during this time is optional.


Teardown Times:
Day 2 – Wednesday, May 2 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

  • Early breakdown will not be permitted.
  • Please alert your Account Manager to your setup/teardown plans so we can assist in making the process as smooth as possible.

It is recommended that items be hand-carried to the event, whenever possible.  Below is the inbound and outbound shipping information as it pertains to Digital Summit Salt Lake City 2018.

Arrival Shipping:

Digital Summit has arranged for freight to ship to the venue.

  • Shipments should be scheduled to arrive between Monday, April 23 and Friday, April 27.
  • Shipments arriving before Monday, April 23, will be refused.
  • Hours are: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday (Closed on weekends and holidays)
  • Digital Summit and the Utah Cultural Celebration Center do not accept liability for any packages. The shipper is responsible for insuring its property for loss or damage. 
  • It is suggested that any event-critical items be hand carried by the sponsor. 


Please label all packages:

Utah Cultural Celebration Center
Attn: Sales and Event Team
Your Company Name
1355 West 3100 South
West Valley, UT 84119  

Please note number of packages on each box when sending multiple items: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc. Be sure to clearly print Exhibiting company name on the outside of all packages.

  • Shipments that are properly labeled will be delivered to your table during set-up.

Outbound Shipping:

Reverse shipment must be scheduled directly with your courier for pickup on Thursday May 3 from

Utah Cultural Celebration Center
1355 West 3100 South
West Valley, UT 84119  

  • Be sure to have each item labeled and ready to ship
  • The Digital Summit team will have some blank FedEx and packaging tape onsite for last minute needs. The Event Registration Desk is also available to print prepaid shipping labels until 4pm on Day 2.

Electrical service is not provided with your exhibit space. To order an electrical drop for your sponsor table, please contact Brandi LaDue at brandi@digitalsummit.com  It is strongly recommended that you bring your own power strip and extension cord to avoid rental fees from the in-house electrical provider.  Electrical service is $75 if ordered by April 17, and $100 if ordered after April 17.

Hardwire Internet
The venue will have complimentary WiFi. Hardline internet service is $75 if ordered by April 17, and $100 if ordered after April 17.

Show Decorator
Summit has contracted with Diamond Event & Tent as our official Show Decorator. Please visit this link (https://events.diamondrental.com/ to view the catalog.) Please contact: Rocio Espinoza at rocioe@diamondevent.com or 801-869-3439 to order furnishings.

Monitor Rental

  • $100 24″ monitor (table-top display)
  • $300 40″ monitor (floor based stand mounted on 56″ post for horizontal or vertical display)
  • $425 55″ monitor (floor based stand mounted on 56″ post for horizontal or vertical display)
  • $550 65″ monitor (floor based stand mounted on 56″ post for horizontal or vertical display)

Digital Summit has a limited inventory of TV monitors for rent on a FCFS basis. Orders are required at least 10 days pre-show with your Account Manager.

Electrical Service Required: Please be sure to order an electrical drop for your exhibit space to power the monitor (See Optional Services section above)

  • In fairness to all exhibitors, the monitor must remain in the back of your exhibit space and audio sound is discouraged.
  • Monitors are compatible with HDMI and USB cables. Be sure to bring appropriate cables to connect your computer to the monitor.

Peak Times for Staffing

  • 10-15 minute breaks between sessions (see agenda)

Day 1: Tuesday, May 1

  • 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm – Main Conference Attendee Arrivals
  • 5:15 pm – 6:15 pm – Opening Cocktail Reception

Day 2: Wednesday, May 2

  • 7:30 am – 8:30 am – Morning Coffee Networking
  • 10:30 am – 11:00 am – Morning Networking Break
  • 5:15 pm – 6:15 pm – Closing Cocktail Reception

The Digital Summit Team will do our best to accommodate your needs but may not have the manpower, technology, or ability to customize beyond reasonable expectations. In addition, we are always at the mercy of the venue’s existing infrastructure and fire code regulations.

It is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide ALL necessary materials for your exhibit area including: laptops/PC’s, monitor cables adapters, hardware, presentations, demos, swag, backdrops, staffing, and any other personalized/branded materials.

You’ve invested a lot to be a sponsor and the Digital Summit team want your experience to be the best. We provide the most qualified and engaging audience of any digital marketing conference and you are the face of your organization while onsite. Make the most of it! Digital Summit optimizes the sponsor exhibit area to maximize the exposure you receive. Our combined decades of experience and hundreds of events have yielded some best-practices and observations including:

  • Be engaging and approachable – put the mobile devices and laptops down and initiate audience conversations.
  • Come out from behind the table and invite the audience into your space.
  • Introduce yourself and engage the attendee about their business and organizational role.
  • Collect business cards, and/or scan badges – these are your golden leads! Each Digital Summit can yield hundreds of leads representing weeks of cold-calling.
  • Offer a giveaway – everyone loves free stuff. Put your logo in the hands of your future customer and they will remember you.
  • Have Fun! You’re out of the office, seeding the pipelines with qualified relationships, and meeting your next business partner in person! What’s better than that?

Sponsors are permitted to hold raffles, grand prizes and the like only with advanced approval from Show Management. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss and ensure compliance with local, venue, and show management regulations.

As a service to sponsors, Digital Summit has secured extensive supplier discounts for any promotional items (pens, tee-shirts, general giveaways, etc.) to elevate your onsite & year-round branding and ROI. Contact your Account Manager for information or use the link below to contact Swagchimp directly. Be sure to reference your Digital Summit sponsorship to receive special rates.

Please Note: Digital Summit does NOT work with any third party to coordinate hotels. You will be directed to a link to book your room directly at the event hotel. Sponsor contact information is not shared with a third party, nor should any of our event hotels be contacting you to book your rooms. Anyone who does so, is a scam.

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