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Day 1 Tuesday, May 01

8:30am - 12:30pm

Content Marketing to Grow Your Audience and Master the Customer Journey

AM Workshop
  • Shana Sullivan, Investis Digital
  • Shana Sullivan
  • Build a digital marketing strategy
  • Understand how to create content that resonates with your audience at different parts of the customer journey
  • Strategize, ideate and create user-focused content infused with SEO best practices that beats the competition in search and beyond
  • Know where, when and how to promote your content in a way that encourages engagement and progression through the customer journey
  • How to build an owned audience that your company can reach at the time and place of your choosing
  • Create a lead nurture campaign that works
  • How to measure and demonstrate ROI to the executive team
Included with Plus, Premium & Platinum Passes, upgrade required for Conference Passes
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Content Marketing
  • Strategy

Actionable Analytics: Data-driven, Decision Making to Attain Your Business Objectives

AM Workshop
  • Thom Craver, CBS Interactive
  • Thom Craver
  • Set-up and diagnose issues with goal funnels
  • Use advanced segmentation techniques for fine-tuning your KPIs
  • Interpret KPI data to make business decisions
  • How to A/B test content for optimizing conversions
  • Track email, social, and other inbound marketing campaigns
  • Understand and utilize attribution modeling methods
  • Track offline conversion measurement tactics
  • How to dashboard and report your results
Included with Plus, Premium & Platinum Passes, upgrade required for Conference Passes
  • Measurement

45 Tactics to Take Your Email from Zero to Hero

AM Workshop
  • Michael Barber, Brand Consultant and Marketing Strategist
  • Michael Barber
  • Understand why email still matters to you and the people you’re trying to reach
  • Ensure your campaigns are making it to the Inbox
  • Learn how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) might be treating your campaigns
  • Know the similarities and differences for how B2B and B2C audiences consume email, convert from it, and how different design choices impact those conversions
  • Perform regular email audits which are crucial to email success
  • Make sure you’re tracking the metrics you should be and discover those you may not be or may not know about
  • Have some insight into what the future of email might look like
Included with Plus, Premium & Platinum Passes, upgrade required for Conference Passes
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Strategy

Main Conference

1:15pm - 2:15pm

Data is the New Black

  • Carol Carpenter, Google
  • Carol Carpenter

2:30pm - 3:00pm

Unraveling the Mystery of the Facebook Algorithm

  • Alex Baker-Whitcomb, WIRED Magazine
  • Alex Baker-Whitcomb
  • Produce and find the content types that Facebook prioritizes most
  • Build partnerships with brands that effectively boost your own content
  • Avoid penalties and potholes that can sink your content overnigh
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

Three Necessary Brand Messaging Steps to Dramatically Increase Results Across All Platforms

  • Steve Napolitan, Steve Napolitan
  • Steve Napolitan
  • Market your company with the right BRAND message so that you capture your WOW clients, without having to convince or chase
  • Know the exact language that will increase client/customer attraction, conversion and retention.
  • SHARE your business in the RIGHT WAY through all your marketing channels so you can consistently attract WOW clients
  • Strategy

Everything You Should Know About Email in 30 Minutes

  • Understand the psychological impacts of bad email marketing
  • Determine if you’re making it to the Inbox or not
  • Develop a checklist to ensure your campaigns are designed appropriately for your subscribers
  • Understand different data that marketers can be in the Inbox
  • Data

3:15pm - 3:45pm

The Feng Shui of Modern Email

  • Jen Capstraw, Women of Email
  • Jen Capstraw
  • Recognize design trends that prioritize engagement and accommodate mobile and desktop email clients
  • Better align messaging and calls to action with campaign objectives
  • Boost ROI with personalization that moves the needle
  • Leverage the CTA secret that gets the click—even among disengaged subscribers
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Email Marketing

Hack Facebook’s New Algorithm Changes

  • Carlos Gil, Gil Media Co.
    • Adjust and apply techniques to reclaim or boost Facebook engagement
    • Create the ultimate checklist for creating highly-optimized Facebook content
    • Tap into Facebook’s analytics updates to measure your successes
    • SEO & Search
    • Social Media

    Your Website’s Performance Matters to Google AND Your Clients!

    • Jon-Mikel Bailey, Wood Street
    • Jon-Mikel Bailey
    • Identify website issues affecting performance
    • Make the right choice for hosting
    • Optimize images and video
    • Prioritize the use of smart coding techniques
    • Know when to use responsive design, AMP, or an app for mobile users
    • B2C
    • Content Marketing

    4:00pm - 4:30pm

    Thought Leadership Disrupted: New Rules for the Content Age

    • Chris Shedd, The Economist Group
    • Chris Shedd
    • Know what content works best for the B2B client and why
    • Reframe your content strategy to make your organization a thought partner, rather than a thought leader
    • Be the go-to source of content for executives in your org
    • Develop a new distribution, format and cadence framework to reach your target audience
    • B2B
    • Content Marketing
    • Strategy

    The Forgotten Phase of the Marketing Funnel: Driving Consideration in The Digital Age

    • Nick Stagge, ExpertVoice
    • Nick Stagge
    • Better understand your target consumer & who they turn to for advice on what to buy
    • Think holistically around how to take control of the consideration phase of the buying journey
    • Scale the voice of people making trusted recommendations
    • B2B
    • B2C
    • Conversion
    • Strategy

    Digital Experience: the Emotion of Art Meets Technology

    • Jake Christensen, ThomasARTS
    • Jason Sargent, ThomasARTS
    • Jake Christensen
    • Jason Sargent
    • Understand how to utilize data for personas and creative development
    • Leverage known user data to personalize creative via marketing automation
    • Demonstrate lift in campaign results through omni-channel marketing
    • Identify users across their journey to target them with relevant messaging
    • B2B
    • B2C
    • Data

    4:45pm - 5:15pm

    Stop Creating Content and Develop a Point of View

    • Kirstin Benson, Getty Images
    • Kirstin Benson
    • Better understand how your digital content can work harder for you
    • Develop your brand’s digital story with an emphasis on social media and branded content
    • Find a point of view for your brand
    • B2B
    • B2C
    • Content Marketing

    Creating Video for the Mobile-Focused Future

    • Elizabeth Giorgi, Mighteor
    • Elizabeth Giorgi
    • Understand the drivers of today’s mobile trends and impact on mobile being the #1 choice for video viewing
    • Implement video formats you might not have considered, including language agnostic and sound-free video
    • Strategize a plan to optimize your video for mobile and create micro-content that converts
    • Maximize the effectiveness of your video spend
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Video Marketing

    Utilizing SMS (Messaging) to Improve Long Term Engagement

    • Freddie Bologno, DoSomething
    • Freddie Bologno
    • Better understand the value of SMS messaging for customer retention
    • Utilize data to inform segmentation of your lists and create effective user journeys
    • Develop a concise and actionable long term engagement strategy
    • Learn about messaging tools that you can use to put your plan into action
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Strategy

    5:15pm - 6:15pm

    Opening Reception


    Day 2 Wednesday, May 02

    8:30am - 9:00am

    Agile SEO: Transformative Strategies for Stellar Results

    • Identify the key 20% of actions that drive 80% of results
    • Adapt to the recent Google changes and position your strategy ahead of the evolving algorithm
    • Use the most recent SEO tools, techniques and strategies that will not break the bank
    • Remove the complexity of tasks and streamline projects to move the needle
    • Collect actionable data to make the case for SEO budget and support
    • Design an agile and inclusive SEO process that works for everyone
    • Eliminate project downtime, reduce cost, and effect transformational change
    • B2B
    • SEO & Search
    • Strategy

    Understanding Your Consumer: Developing Personalized Content to Enhance the Customer Experience:

    • Jennifer Stamper, Extra Space Storage
    • Jennifer Stamper
    • Increase your conversion rate through consumer-first marketing
    • Effectively research and utilize your current data to develop personalized content
    • Understand the needs of the customer and develop personas to drive a personalized content strategy
    • Content Marketing
    • Strategy

    9:15am - 9:45am

    Should You Fire Your Chief Marketing Officer?

    • Understand changing role of the CMO (or lead marketing executive)
    • Explain the emerging skill set every marketing executive should possess
    • Recognize why ROI should drive the CMO’s actions and decisions
    • Grasp where the marketing executive should focus time and resources
    • Answer whether or not your CMO is allocating budget to the right channels
    • Determine if your marketing executive is setting the organization up for future success by focusing on an ‘owned’ audience
    • Know when the CEO is really the one to blame
    • B2B
    • B2C
    • Strategy

    UX Meets MBA: A Designer Goes to Business School

    • McLean Donnelly, Shopify
    • McLean Donnelly
    • Articulate the ROI of improved customer experiences
    • Build strategic plans that include customer and business outcomes
    • Teach creatives to use business metrics in their everyday work
    • Customer Experience
    • Strategy
    • UX & Design

    10:00am - 10:30am

    SEO and Content Unite

    • Garth O’Brien, GoDaddy
    • Garth O’Brien
    • Identify how and what your audience is seeking online
    • Ensure your content efforts will pay off and maximize your ROI
    • Open your eyes to new content opportunities giving you an edge over your competitors
    • Content Marketing
    • SEO & Search

    The Digital Marketers Toolkit

    • Thom Craver, CBS Interactive
    • Thom Craver
    • List the types of marketing technology you need for success versus the ones that are nice to have
    • Understand how multiple facets of digital marketing work together
    • Learn tactics to help you maximize your technology’s performance
    • Sell you’re your executives on the benefits of using marketing technology
    • Conversion
    • Strategy

    Inbound Marketing in 30 Days: Starting from Zero

    • Evan DiLeo, HubSpot
    • Evan DiLeo
    • Set your website up like a “”hub”” for your industry that attracts visitors naturally through search engines, blogging, and social media
    • Begin building out and understanding your buyer personas, followed by content catered toward the individuals who purchase from you
    • Establish proper marketing and sales alignment in an organization, enabling both teams through lead qualification and rotation
    • Social Media
    • Strategy

    11:00am - 11:30am

    Making Lemonade: Traits Beyoncé Can Teach the Modern Marketer to Run the World

    • Understand why the Bee is such an important framework for your marketing decisions
    • Take the Beyoncé approach to your marketing efforts
    • Approach how you keep you and your organization aligned to your customer’s needs, and
    • Enjoy some of Sasha Fierce’s favorite jams along the way
    • B2C
    • Content Marketing
    • Strategy

    Accelerating Return: Making Paid Ads Your Most Viable Channel Through AI

    • Jeremy Hudgens, Genius Monkey
    • Jeremy Hudgens
    • Move beyond reach, frequency & CPM
    • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be a smarter marketer
    • Speak to the right now generation, understand your audience, & impact the bottom line with AI
    • Create heavy competition among publishers & networks to stretch your ad dollars in real-time
    • Content Marketing
    • Emerging
    • Video Marketing

    Ready for Takeoff: Mission, Modes, and Metrics of Content Migration

    • Ally Hwang, Nationwide
    • Ally Hwang
    • Understand how a clear and specific product mission should inform your content migration strategy
    • Identify user modes and which content pieces address the reasons why users come to your web / intranet application
    • Use metrics to help set parameters for your content before migration occurs
    • Content Marketing
    • Measurement

    11:45am - 12:15pm

    Combine Paid & SEO Strategies to Increase Your Bottom Line

    • Blake Pappas, Vertical Measures
    • Blake Pappas
    • Effectively optimize your site to combat Google’s ever-changing algorithm and land on top of the search results.
    • Understand how the popular opinion on paid media view has changed and how to beat your competitors for the bid
    • Get your SEO and Paid teams working together towards the same goal
    • Build and grow your own audience and leverage it for real revenue growth
    • B2B
    • B2C
    • Paid Advertising
    • SEO & Search

    Creating More Successful Content Based In Data

    • Paxton Gray, 97th Floor
    • Paxton Gray
    • Find access to free info your target marketing is giving up
    • Increase the likelihood your content will resonate with your audience
    • Reduce the amount of content you need to create while improving overall results
    • Get access to some free templates and tools to help with content creation
    • Content Marketing
    • Conversion

    12:30pm - 1:30pm

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Socializing Good News

    • Beverly Jackson, MGM Resorts International

      1:45pm - 2:15pm

      How to Rock SEO in a Machine Learning World

      • Kevin Indig, Atlassian
      • Kevin Indig
      • Understand the massive change SEO is going through
      • Know what moves the needle in SEO and what doesn’t
      • Create content that gets organic traffic
      • Comprehend the central role user behavior plays in SEO
      • Data
      • Measurement
      • Social Media
      • Strategy

      Using Customer Intent Data to Elevate the B2B Customer Journey

      • Tim Kennedy, MRM//McCann
      • Tim Kennedy
      • Engage business decision makers more effectively in an omnichannel world
      • Use data to better understand and target customers throughout the buyer’s journey
      • Elevate the customer experience and differentiate your business through content frameworks
      • Offer more value to prospects with a smarter, more data-driven content strategy
      • Conversion
      • Data

      How to Map Your Digital Footprint

      • Juntae DeLane, DIGITAL DELANE
      • Juntae DeLane
      • Optimize your digital brand to increase conversions
      • Connect with the right customers and users in the flow of their day and be relevant to the context you find them
      • Align your digital brand with the digital trail people take to explore their interests
      • Get the latest tools to leverage for your digital brand
      • B2C
      • Measurement
      • Strategy

      2:30pm - 3:00pm

      The Art and Strategy Behind an Effective Instagram Account

      • Quinn Tempest, Create Your Purpose®
      • Quinn Tempest
      • List questions you need to answer in order to formulate an Instagram strategy
      • Use visual planning tips and tools to create your perfect grid
      • Research hashtags that will boost your engagement
      • Use Instagram stories to bring your brand to life
      • Implement strategies to convert your followers to leads and customers off of Instagram
      • B2B
      • B2C
      • Content Marketing
      • Measurement
      • SEO & Search

      Reimagining the Technology Foundation for Marketing

      • Joseph Stanhope, Forrester
      • Joseph Stanhope
      • Understand key marketing trends driving change and innovation in marketing technology
      • Identify strategic marketing technology capabilities that drive business value
      • Discuss how enterprise marketing technology will evolve over the next several years
      • List the hottest emerging marketing technologies
      • Review a new marketing technology framework to meet marketers’ needs
      • B2C
      • Conversion
      • Data
      • Social Media

      Marketing Through Emotion and Sentiment

      • Robert G. Alberino, 8th with 49ers
      • Robert G. Alberino
      • Incorporate best practices for using emotion in your marketing to keep customers loyal
      • Use customer data to drive decision making and act as a compass for your business
      • Understand and uncover ways that content and storytelling can help drive the masses to evangelize a product
      • Find creative ways to connect one-on-one with your customers using social and digital
      • B2C
      • Conversion
      • Data
      • Social Media

      3:15pm - 4:05pm

      The Big, Bold, Brave New World of Content & Storytelling

      • Ann Handley, MarketingProfs
      • Ann Handley

      Content marketing and storytelling offer a vast opportunity for all businesses. Even yours.
      But too many of us aren’t embracing the opportunity.
      Our own marketing seems puny and underdeveloped, when it should be strong and buff.
      So the question is: How do we inspire our teams to create more robust, effective marketing? Or, how do we up the quality of what we are producing? (And how do you define “quality,” anyway?)
      In this fun, inspiring session, Ann will counsel you on how your organization can create marketing that’s engaging—because your audience demands it, and your organization deserves it.

      4:05pm - 5:05pm

      Closing Reception